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I heard the Patton was terrible, mostly because of the massive cupola stick out of the tank negating its otherwise okay overall armor. I heard the t is horrible from everyone besides people who have alot of experience in it. Either way, why list the patton but no the t for china? You already have a great money maker in the Mutz. The main question, as far as crew training is concerned would be which lines are you interested in. Also, moneymakers, any german non-premium medium up til tier 7 will make you money. You are correct in that the mutz is a great money maker and ive been enjoying it since I picked it up when it went one sale recently.

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Click the images below to check out some of the deeper details on each feature. This is where Ranked Battles mode comes in. By testing your mettle in this mode, you can earn a new type of currency, Bonds, which can snag you some rather sweet prizes. Thanks for your support and excitement around Ranked Battles thus far!

With the release of 9. After going over your feedback and game data we collect during Beta, we might tweak the modes functionality, rewards, and economics.

Release Notes

Bought a S yesterday as i have had it unlocked for a long time now but had never seen it on sale till the current special, coupled with reduced crew training costs and equipment sales. Being a Ace SU driver its hard to change to a platform that has a 6 degree gun arc but the Splash Damage is worth it. As much as i like getting kills i do now have to focus more on just damage as its Big big things i have to shoot at and also i can turn a profit if i do more damage.

In the SU i tend to not worry about moving after shooting but now i have to and it fills the reload time in as watching that thing reload while zoomed in on a target is tedious Kinda wish that i had gotten a GWPanther as they have a 26 degree gun arc but it would have been a heck of a lot more Exp to unlock where in the S i used some of my banked Exp to unlock the mm.

Some time ago i worried that having 12 shells was a bit limited for it but in the 37 battles i have played so far i have only run out once and that was a very slow campanova battle where most of the team was holed up on the hill being kept at bay by a T To be honest, I’m only using my SU-5 to shell softer targets like TDs and other SPGs, as well as mediums who make the fatal mistake of standing still just to snipe.

SilentStalker opublikował pełną listę zmian w statystykach ści w nawiasach pochodzą z obecnego ęcej pod spodem:USSR Soviet tank.

Unlike its predecessor, ARL 44 has very good armored hull front and solid turret. Its maximum speed and mobility after research of the last engine, is enough for our purposes, and weapon is the best available on this tier. Development, equipment, crew As the primary turret is heavier than ARL 44 nouvelle, we research it as first. Then we research 90 mm F3 cannon, which will allow us to fight with 6 tier tanks on equal terms.

Next step is to unlock a suspension and then, depending on our game style, cannons: After researching gun, we research engine and radio. Sixth Sense for Commander, Repair for the rest of the tankers. Then Brothers in Arms for the whole crew. For this reason we should aim at the bottom front plate quite a difficult target to hit or at less armored turret.

Both these points can be broke through with cannon of about mm penetration. Side and rear armors are very thin and easy to penetrate by any gun available in the game. Rear hits can easily set this tank on fire and hits on the turret often damage ammo rack. A 90mm DCA 45 cannon is perfect for sniper fire from the second line.


French tanks were the first tanks in World of Tanks years ago to have auto-loaders. They are however still king when it comes to large magazine sizes and burst damage. Once you reach mid and high tier French mediums, lights, and heavy tanks you are rewarded with deadly mobile tank platforms. This World of Tanks which French tank line guide will help you figure out what line is best for you. Read this guide and learn whether or not your valuable time is worth investing in French tanks.

This guide will be updated and added to when new French tanks or changes are made in World of Tanks.

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Abschicken NewThinMan Eins vorweg: WoT ist ein gutes Spiel. Wer die Leute so runtermacht, sollte sich hinsetzen und es besser machen. Und jetzt ja keine Ausrede “ich bin kein Programmierer”. In beiden Teams fahren jeweils 3 Luchse. In meinem Team sind die Spieler nach WN8 2 mal rot und einmal orange bin ich.

War Thunder

I was wondering when I saw the 8. Anyway for anyone reading this now, I tend to think of it as a heavy medium or heavy turreted tank destroyer. Your armour is comparable actually superior to the M10, your gun has more penetration and more alpha on a much faster traversing turret, you have nearly twice as many hit points, and decent mobility.

The price you pay for this is a higher profile and heavy matchmaking.

Equipment improves the effectiveness of the tank in combat. Unlike consumables, equipment is a one-time cost addition, with each having its own advantage; however, they come at a high cost.

Today I will rank tier 10 mediums, my personal favorite class of tanks in the game, known for their devastating potential when played properly. As always, I will provide my own thoughts on the “best” tier 10 medium and I apologize in advance if your favorite is at the bottom of the list. This is purely my opinion, and you are free to provide your input.

Reviews are done in the style of WoTLabs. What do you think is the best tier 10 medium? Where do you think the will fit in? Nerfed rate of fire. All the things that made the FV special were taken away. Play for Fun Division Obj. Although weakened, the tank still retains a troll hull, high dpm, and the best camo you will find on a medium tank.

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Loader Increased reload time In addition to destroying the tank by inflicting it sufficient damage points or by explosion of ammo rack, there is a third possibility: Once the tank loses its all tankers, it becomes inoperable even it has still hit points. Such vehicle is considered destroyed. We know how to fire and how to inflict damage, but we still do not know what the factors on view range are and how to spot an enemy.

In this chapter I’ll try to explain this briefly. First term describes a distance, from which we are able to see a tank model in the game.

World of Tanks Game Guide & Walkthrough. matchmaking- a match/battle in WOT of specific tanks level. MT- meds – medium tanks. Nerf – lowering the stats of specific module or tank. noob- beginner player. OMW – On My Way, used to communicate that you’re .

I mean, just imagine it: It was a small, mean gokart. The VK H had a couple fewer hitpoints than it has today, but the same armor to angle and it hit nearly 40kph cruising speed fairly quickly. Then I got into the P and it couldn’t move at all, had worse armor including those corners you flatten out when you angle and a terrible tech tree layout. Can it be made to work? Sure – especially these days it at least has 8 degrees of depression and newly improved silver pen on the I’m just not going to do it, and despite improvements, it’s still a horrendous grind for a new player because the track stats are so bad and the stock engine is stunningly weak.

I guess that’s why I came down on it strongly – I think it’s an extremely ill-suited tank for new players – I would not go into this tank again without enough free xp to get the tracks and engines upgraded immediately.


As for the XVM, it gives players using it a tactical advantage. That type 59 you are fighting? I don’t much care for the mod myself, but a friend uses it and when we play I’m thankful for being told who are players to beat in the opposing teams.

Korean Random Weakspot Skins Shaded Zoom Hitzones Weak Spot Kodoku Shotter Lemon World of Tanks – Free Online Game.

Summary Updated Subtitles in our supported languages are also available by clicking on the icon in the bottom-right corner. Click the images below to check out some of the deeper details on each feature. This is where Ranked Battles mode comes in. By testing your mettle in this mode, you can earn a new type of currency, Bonds, which can snag you some rather sweet prizes.

Thanks for your support and excitement around Ranked Battles thus far! With the release of 9. After going over your feedback and game data we collect during Beta, we might tweak the modes functionality, rewards, and economics. Stay tuned for more details on the Ranked Battles Beta Season dates, rules and regulations coming your way in a matter of days. Studying the full guide on the new mode is a nice way to start. Improved Equipment and a new type of Battle Reserves, Directives.

Improved Equipment provides larger bonuses than their standard counterparts, while Directives enhance mounted equipment, Crew perks and skill efficiency. Small Enhancements Many players asked for a female voiceover option, and in 9. Full List of Changes Expand 1. Basically, the setup is the same as Random Battles.

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But I’ll check it out. It’s made by the same guys who did Wings of Prey, right? It’ll be interesting to see how this compares to World of Warplanes. At least this one lists that it will have the P at release, Wargaming.

Ranked Battles is a 15v15 mode exclusive to Tier X vehicles, where the first team to eliminate the opposition or capture their base secures victory. Basically, the setup is the same as Random Battles. And that’s where the similarity ends. Ranked Battles is all about individual results. Your.

Here is a complete list of all changes that have made it into the game for patch 7. You are warned it is quite lengthy. Content Added new maps: Province a small Italian map and Live Oaks first American map. Added American tank destroyers with turning turrets: M substitutes T34 as an American tier 9 heavy tank. T E5 substitutes T30 as an American tier 10 heavy tank.

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Sometimes you’re on the team with a slight advantage and sometimes you’re on a team with a slight disadvantage. But I’ve also seen a matchups that were so far out of whack as to be laughable. Worse, there’s no reason for it, as their explanation for why sometimes things are so imbalanced doesn’t apply. There’s no reason both teams couldn’t have got one Sexton and one garbage can each.

Matchmaking: Für jeden Kampf wird bei der Zusammenstellung der Teams ein sogenanntes Matchmaker eingesetzt. Er funktioniert auf folgende Weise: Es wird ein Panzer aus der Queue genommen und sein Tier ermittelt.

Matchmaking rule changes have shifted around Tiers II and III somewhat, you do not have to go very far at all to find someone struggling. Why is Tier IV the pressure point however? Well there are several factors and game design decisions that contribute to Tier IV being the pressure point it is. Scout tanks Take two tanks, the Covenanter and the Panzer 38 nA. Both appear to be Tier IV light tanks, and on the basis of the information in-game there is no suggestion of any particular difference between the two.

However, there is one critical difference, and that difference is one of the rocks that most commonly wrecks a potential World of Tanks career. The Panzer 38 nA is a scout tank, a tank can can see Tier VIII tanks in battle, and a tank who is not expecting to do damage as its primary role. In other words a tank whose game design is totally different to anything that the new player has encountered up to that point.

Remember as well it is easily possible to get into that scout tank with considerably less than games played. After matches, what knowledge did any of us really have about this game? Especially for the casual player, facing a KV-4 with a pea-shooter is going to be a shock. New players do not have the credits for any of that yet.

Iconic tank traps The situation is made worse, however, by the position of scout tanks on the tech trees. To get to all the remaining Chinese vehicles you need to go through the M5A1 Stuart.

World of Tanks – BDR G1 B: Guide, Review & Gameplay

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