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Supertone – Guitar museum Guitar museum is a free webspace, listing a collection of guitars. You can use it to find photos, description or the price of a guitar. You can also sell or buy Rickenbacker – Official Site Corporate headquarters. Manufactures electric guitars and basses. Models, specifications, owner’s manuals, and discussion forum. The guitars were generally made for department store chains such as Sear’s and J. Captured across two nights at Madison Square Garden, the Crossroads Guitar Festival offers a variety of legendary guitarists performing a mix of sultry blues, classic

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This is one of the most frustrating questions from the MIJ collector. People often make the mistake of citing the American or European importer as the ‘maker’ of the guitar, when in fact several Japanese manufacturers were producing badged guitars out of their plants and shipping them to America and Europe to sell. Japanese manufacturers made multiple badges at the same plant, many of whom resemble each other closely.

Welcome to my guitarsite. Here You can read about Leo Fender and The Stratocaster, some words about me and my guitars. You can allso find lots of links, cord .

With a manufacturing capability of more than one million guitars per year in factories in Korea, Indonesia, China, and the United States, Samick also ranks as the world’s leading stringed instrument producer. Samick has manufactured guitars for many other companies, including Fender and Gibson. Additionally, this manufacturer produces a full range of pianos, electric and acoustic guitars, basses, banjos, autoharps , harmonicas, and other instruments. It also operates a dedicated Upright Piano and Piano Action plant, as well as its own sawmill and woodworking facility in Korea, a smaller factory in California, and a plant in Harbin, China that produces wooden guitar and piano parts.

Samick Founders Samick was started in with the goal of enriching human life through music, the universal language. Hyo Ick Lee founded the company as an importer of Baldwin pianos to Korea. Within two years Samick began building their own upright pianos, using imported parts. In , during the Folk Music years and the British Invasion year s, when every kid wanted a guitar, Samick began production of acoustic guitars for the Korean market as well as for export to fulfill the demand for cheap Asian-made guitars that overwhelmed the market during this decade.

Samicks goal was toward a higher quality market. The company continued to improve its piano manufacturing techniques , and in its production abilities had developed sufficiently for it to launch its first grand pianos. Hondo Guitars During this same period, the company began to step up the quality of its guitar production. Hondo initially produced a line of classical and folk guitars.

Hondo added banjos and autoharps to their product line up. By the end of this decade Hondo was selling nearly , instruments per year.

Used Hondo Deluxe Electric Guitar

A warm welcome to you. It is our pleasure to share these information. However, because there are no official history on these companies, they are written to the best of our knowledge and experience. We too are learning as we progress and would ask for you to use these information at your own discretion. If you know of additional information or any errors, please help us as well as others reading from our site by writing in to us.

Background of Orville Orville if you do not already know is the name of the founder of Gibson.

Hondo was one of the first overseas guitar builders to feature American-built DiMarzio pickups on the import instruments beginning in By this year, a number of Hondo II models featured designs based on classic American favorites.

The Hondo concept was to offer an organized product line and solid entry-level market instruments at a fair market price. Hondo II banjo played by jazz band By , Hondo had distributors in 70 countries worldwide, and had expanded to producing stringed instruments at the time. In , over 22, of the Bi-Centennial banjos were sold. The company also made improvements to the finish quality on their products, introduced scalloped bracing on acoustics, and began using a higher quality brand of tuning machines.

Hondo was one of the first overseas guitar builders to feature American-built DiMarzio pickups on the import instruments beginning in By this year, a number of Hondo II models featured designs based on classic American favorites. In , over , Hondo instruments were sold worldwide. In , the Professional Series was introduced, featuring higher-end Japanese-made models, produced by Tokai and Matsumoku Only the Professional Series models were made in Japan, all other Hondos were made in Korea.

These models were sold until , alongside the Korean lineup which became the Deluxe Series in At that point, the product line consisted of different models.

II Professional Review

Above, the Presto Model A, their top-of-the-line system circa There is a detailed history of the Presto Corp provided at this website, so no need to re-tread those waters. Basically, what Presto offered was a way to make good-sounding LP and 78 recordings that could be played back instantly on any home turntable. Unlike earlier commercial recording technologies, there was no intermediate submaster required.

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Jul 5, I see you’ve already made your decision but here’s my contribution anyway, Perhaps someone else will find my post in the future. From what I can tell, There may have been two or three different Global companies or perhaps they were different branches of the same company. One was in Japan and one was in Chicago area, The Chicago company imported guitars and sold them through the Sears catalog although this may have just been an extension of the Japanese company.

There’s two different types of Global logos, here’s pictures of them. The most common Global guitars seem to be the Gibson Les Paul and SG copies and generic Teisco style guitars but occasionally one will see a Strat copy with a maple body or a Gibson Dove copy which has an adjustable bridge, Something rare for acoustics.

I don’t happen to own any of the better guitars Global made so I can’t vouch for their quality but my Global acoustic is really low in quality and choice of wood. I don’t know what its made out of but the tailpiece compressed under string tension although it wasn’t intended for steel strings. When I got it there were more problems with it than I care to count here, Some being from the factory such as the saddles having excess metal from where the screw holes were drilled.

It was a great example of what poor quality was in cheapo invasion guitars but I modified it extensively I have a workshop And now its a good player. I kinda dig its tone too despite it being made out of plywood. Also, I think Hondo made a guitar almost exactly like the E70S so I’m guessing they were made in the same factory.

The Unique Guitar Blog: Samick Musical Instrument Company

Hi Dave, I like your guitar very much. A fast bit of the history of Hondo and the people who make them. The Samick Corp of Korea made it first in Japan. They also made Epiphone,Squier,Washburn and Hohner.

The Guitardater Project cannot verify the authenticity of ANY Guitar, this site is simply meant as a tool to satisfy the curiosity of guitar enthusiasts. This website possesses NO DATABASE of guitars made by manufactures, instead simple serial code patterns that are available on this site and in the wider guitar community are used.

But the LG1 and LG3 stopped production right after introduction only about of each model was produced in , leaving just the LG-2 as the only model made through WW2. The LG-1 had a mahogany top and chocolate brown top finish, the LG-3 had a blond natural spruce top, and the LG-2 had a spruce sunburst top. So the most common war-time banner logo After WW2 the LG-1 and LG-3 were reintroduced, but now the three models had different features between them the LG1 for example now had ladder bracing with a spruce top and sunburst finish.

In the LG-0 was introduced as the new low-end flattop model ladder bracing, mahogany top, brown top finish. Script logo pre LG-2, LG B and B N models, although X-braced, are constructed with adjustable bridges and other ‘s features that make them undesirable. August to late X-braced spruce top, sunburst replaced by B in late LG August to late no production X braced spruce top.

Blue Book of Guitar Values

Features one channel and two inputs; volume, bright, treble, treble expander, bass, bass expander, bright switch, deep switch, stand-by switch, pilot light for stand-by and operate. This amp was built to play larger halls and outdoor concerts. The lack of reverb was not a big issue as most live performances had acoustics full of reverberation halls, arenas.

Peter Traynor built these things to stand up to road abuse, unlike a lot of vintage stuff. It sounds great with either bass and guitar, providing a clean and loud tone.

Fender Serial Number Lookup for Guitar and Bass Guitar Dating Leo Fender started building electric guitars back in and produced his first bass guitar a year later. Fender guitars and basses are easily the most popular instruments ever made.

I have the serial number for the guitar but I … Alvarez acoustic guitar model number … Find best value and selection for your Alvarez acoustic guitar model number serial number search on eBay. Hondo guitars started in Texas in the late s, teaming up with the Korean company Samick to manufacture guitars to Contact – Alvarez Guitars The entry level guitar, redefined.

Award winning design and sound. Louis Music, Ferguson Avenue, St. This online subscription contains the entire database of the current Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars, but it The Alvarez KOA acoustic guitar was Each guitar brand uses a different set of serial numbers, so you need to identify your guitar before you attempt to Can anyone tell the year from the serial … Received this new Danelectro 12 string from my longtime gf on Christmas Eve.

It was an amazing surprise. She listened to me talk about wanting this guitar for most of

Hondo (guitar company)

If you’re not familiar with my site, it’s simple, and you’ll love it or hate it: It’s not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since ’98 so I figure, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Just click on any underlined text and it should open a picture; if you move your cursor over the pic and there’s a magnifying glass displayed instead of your cursor, click the pic and it will expand it to larger size. These guitars already have a great vintage vibe with an authentic looking two-tone sunburst gloss finish, parchment parts, and tinted neck, so the vintage logo is icing on the cake.

Other features include C-shaped maple neck with maple fingerboard and modern 9. Like the early vintage models this guitar also has stacked knobs with a volume and tone on each pot.

Broken String Guitars in Salida Colorado offers a wide selection of vintage stringed instruments, vintage amps and effects. We Buy, Sell and Trade New and Vintage Guitars.

How to date a hohner acoustic guitar John Zaremba Updated April 17, Hohner has been making moderately priced acoustic guitars since the s. Beginning players favour them for their inexpensive pricing and solid construction. Playing a Hohner guitar has at least one major disadvantage, however–It’s impossible for a Hohner owner to tell for certain when the guitar was made.

Unlike other guitar makers that use specifically coded serial numbers to signify a guitar’s month and date of production, no such system exists for Hohner guitars. Dating a Hohner guitar requires the owner to describe the instrument in detail and ask the company to estimate the date of manufacture. Describe your guitar in writing. Note whether its strings are nylon or steel and note the body style. Dreadnaught acoustic guitars, for example, curve out from both sides of the neck, while a cutaway curves downward on one side.

Write down the model name this may be in a pamphlet, or even on the price tag from the store. Also note whether the guitar contains a pickup for amplification.

Hondo II Guitars

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