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Dad is supposed to teach us the manly arts, to always be there as lifelong mentors who lovingly guide us into manhood. Of course in real life the relationship between father and son is rarely so simple. Father-themed flicks are guaranteed to make us laugh, get misty-eyed, and feel a little introspective about our own dads, and if we have kids ourselves, how we measure up as fathers. We thought it would be appropriate to highlight some of the very best movies about fatherhood that the world of cinema has to offer. To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus Finch is the man. As a widower he could have shipped his kids off to a relative, but he was absolutely devoted to them. He was kind, protective, and incredibly patient with his two kids, Jem and Scout. And most importantly, he taught his children by example. I find the relationship between Atticus and his daughter to be particularly endearing.

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The only physical trait they share is that strange chestnut-like appendage on their heads. In Cat’s Eye , the Kisugi sisters looks a lot like their ancestors: Rui the oldest and Ai the youngest are nearly identical to their mother especially Rui, whose only difference is a mole on the cheek , while Hitomi is almost identical to her paternal grandmother, differing only in her hair and eye colours.

Hitomi is especially egregious, as she’s half-Japanese half-German while her grandmother was a blonde-haired green-eyed German.

May 04,  · On Episode 5 of VH1’s Mob Wives, David Seabrook made a call to Karen Gravano in which they discussed a few things, mainly their daughter. David has been described as Karen’s husband, fiance and live in boyfriend.

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Sidney Perlmutter[ edit ] Dr. Sidney Perlmutter Arye Gross is a medical examiner, rotating the role with Lanie although Lanie is more regularly featured. He is shown to have more than a few quirks, such as eating lunch off of his autopsy tables—reasoning that the disinfectants used in the morgue mean that it is actually “the cleanest room in the city”—and always has a sarcastic remark.

He sometimes teases or insults Castle at crime scenes when Castle tries to do his job. She is first mentioned in season one, but does not appear until the season two episode “The Mistress Always Spanks Twice”.

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In , Karen and her family moved to Arizona under the federal witness protection program. There Karen became a licensed aesthetician and launched her own day spa. Later, she moved back to Staten Island to create her own identity away from the dishonorable conduct of her father. Karen Gravano said she was 10 the first time she suspected her father was a killer.

Karen said she was only 19 when her father told her and her family he would begin helping the government pursue charges against his mob buddies, including boss Gotti. In exchange for his cooperation, Gravano was not prosecuted for his 19 murders but was instead convicted of a lesser charge that resulted in a jail sentence of a few years. The show was an instant hit.

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Speaking to Variety, the women described predatory incidents involving Hoffman that fit into a pattern of alleged behavior that has emerged in the wake of previous sexual-misconduct claims against the now year-old actor. Representatives for Hoffman did not make him available to provide comment for this story. They also visited the San Remo on Central Park West, where Hoffman, in the midst of a divorce from his first wife, Anne Byrne, was buying an apartment.

Hoffman showed Thomas and Karina the apartment, which was being renovated while Hoffman stayed at a hotel near the house that he and Byrne had shared.

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Victoria, her eyes puffy from bawling, dances with Dad on her wedding day. Victor Alcorn In between his arrest in September in on assault and robbery charges following a fight over a parking space, and his indictment with nine other mobsters in March , John Gotti found time to give away his youngest daughter, Victoria, in marriage to Carmine Agnello in December To say he did so relectantly would b e an understatement.

His threats to Agnello regarding how he expected his daughter to be treated were heeded — at least until the Dapper Don was locked up in for a decade until his death in prison. Read the first two installments here. See the Gotti family album here. The day of my wedding, Dec. We sat in silence. Even I was scared. Just a few minutes later, a dirty old tow truck pulled up to the church with Carmine in the passenger side and his brother Mike at the wheel. Behind the tow truck was Marie Agnello in her Chevy Nova, with her daughter and two of her sisters.

I was really enjoying the images of what I was going to do to Carmine when I caught him. We could call the whole thing off and change the affair into an elaborate Christmas party.

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Sword and Scale Episode 13 Erica Fantastic episode! As someone from Southeast Louisiana, just want to add my two cents to this great and sad case so far… Blanchard pronounced BLAND-cherd is a very very common name here. Therefor, very likely may not have been a Katrina victim. Maybe if Gypsy had recently moved back to the area after being raised in middle to north Louisiana, then she could conceivably be a Katrina victim.

Tom Hanks plays mob bodyguard and hitman, Michael Sullivan, who must protect his son from his former boss (with whom he had his own almost father/son relationship) and his boss’s son, who has killed the rest of Sullivan’s family.

This triumphant biography is the story of Jackie Robinson playing himself , the first ballplayer to break major league baseball’s color-barrier in One of the greatest sports-themed movies ever made, The Jackie Robinson Story chronicles the gifted athlete’s early career in the Negro Baseball League to his tense first at-bat with the farm team in Montreal and his success as the second baseman for the Dodgers. Minor Watson turns in a riveting performance as Brooklyn manager Branch Rickey, inspiring Jackie to have the inner-strengh to withstand the threats, vicious racial-slurs and abuse that would be heaped upon him.

With movie-star looks and fine acting, Jackie delivers his story with humility and grace in this unflinching look at a difficult and historic era in baseball and American history. The record-breaking career of Joe Louis is packed with staggering triumphs, both in and out of the ring. While squaring off against legendary fighters, the champ struggled to overcome racial prejudice in the boxing world.

He made history by becoming World Heavyweight Champion and defending his title for twelve years – longer than any fighter before or since. Although his reign was troubled by bankruptcy and marital strife, through his skill and determination the “Brown Bomber” ensured himself a place in boxing history forever. Pious, young Martha Jackson is accidentally shot by her sinful husband, Razz Jackson, on the very same day she was baptized in a solemn riverside service.

Instead of being sent straight to heaven, Martha is escorted by an angel to The Crossroads, where a sign points in opposite directions – Hell and Zion. Sweet Elsie Bellwood sings and dances in a popular cabaret act. Refusing to provide “special entertainment” for the management’s VIP guests, she is dismissed and returns home from work to find her beloved Auntie has been murdered.

Bar owner Big Jim Bottoms Spencer Williams has a running feud with a popular local preacher, whose sermons are rallying the townsfolk against him. With the help of three trampy bar-girls and a sneaky photographer, Big Jim comes into possession of some very compromising pictures of the young minister.

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Peter Argentina[ edit ] Peter Argentina is a soldier and younger brother to Ray Argentina, a made member in the family. In , he was acquitted of participating in an armored car heist. While escaping Carl Lastorino was shot to death by the police. Pistone , who was working undercover in the Bonanno family as “Donnie Brasco”, heard of the two families having a sitdown over Long Island topless bars. Kubecka and Donald Barstow two executives of a Long Island trash-collection company.

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Mail icon Angelo Bruno, whose reign as Philadelphia mob boss ended with a shotgun blast to his head in , is experiencing a posthumous resurgence. The “Gentle Don,” as Bruno is sometimes known, surfaced on the big screen last year, played by actor Chazz Palminteri in Legend, the British gangster film starring Tom Hardy. Philadelphia filmmaker Tigre Hill is wrapping up his appropriately titled organized-crime documentary, The Corrupt and the Dead, that will feature Bruno and other mob bosses.

And now Bruno’s old Snyder Avenue rowhouse – where he was murdered at age 69 – has been nominated for official landmark status with the Philadelphia Historical Commission. Before you ask, yes, it certainly would be unusual for a city to recognize a building associated with a major La Cosa Nostra figure who was part of a crime syndicate that President Reagan called a “stain” on American history.

But this is Philadelphia. Sometimes we wear our stains on our sleeves. Morello, herself a relative of New York mafiosi, said she nominated Bruno’s three-bedroom home at Snyder for a spot on the city’s Register of Historic Places because his criminal activity helped shape federal laws and strategies for fighting organized crime. The nomination is expected to be taken up next month by a committee of the Philadelphia Historical Commission.

I can’t think that there is another one,” said Kim Broadbent, historic preservation planner on the staff of the Historical Commission. Attorney’s Office, burst out in laughter last week when the Daily News informed him that Bruno’s house could become a landmark. Damaris Olivo, spokeswoman for New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission, said the city has some landmarks associated with unsavory characters “but that’s not the reason why they were designated. But, as in New York, those mob ties didn’t play a role in the designation, he said.

Fritchey said Bruno’s reputation as a peacemaker is sometimes exaggerated.

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Well, maybe just a little bit of time. After battling for two seasons, this time around Karen was ready to focus on her family. And that meant heading West. Read on for her thoughts. This season was more family focused… Thank God!

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Physically beaten by your husband? And you sat still for that? I was so entrapped. We had lots of money, but I had nowhere to go. I had nothing in my name. I had lost all my friends. I had parted with my family. I had lost my identity. I was living in my own country, but I was a foreigner in my own home.

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General All Categories, Since: No other character parings are included. He finds himself falling in love with her like crazy. Will she find love in him too, or will Edward’s rising power in the underworld destroy them, when he is made Don after his father’s illness takes hold? What will happen to Edward, Bella, and Renesmee? Will Aro come back?

At any time during your dating process did the spiritual roots of your life–i.e. Jesus Christ–come into the equation anywhere? KATRINA: Absolutely, but he kept telling me it was the same God, just a different language, that Allah was the same God as the God I served.

His skin is steel-hard and his muscles and bone tissue super-dense; he can withstand conventional handgun fire at a range of four feet and cannot be cut by the sharpest of blades, although in the event of required surgery his skin can be lacerated by an overpowered medical laser. He can withstand up to one-ton impacts or blasts of pounds of TNT without serious injury, and is impervious to temperature extremes and electrical shocks.

His recovery time from injury or trauma is usually one-third that of an ordinary human. Abilities Cage is a self-taught hand-to-hand combatant with years of street fighting experience; he is also a superb athlete despite his great height and weight. He is self-educated in the law and speaks several languages. Paraphernalia Cage owns a leather jacket which is, like his skin, impervious to virtually any injury; however, he wears it infrequently and is often left with shredded clothing in the wake of his adventures.

With his friend Willis Stryker , he fought the rival gang the Diablos and committed petty thefts, often on behalf of deformed crimelord Sonny Caputo, a. In and out of juvenile homes throughout his teens, Lucas dreamed of becoming a major New York racketeer until he finally realized how his actions were hurting his family; he sought to better himself as an adult, finding legitimate employment.

Meanwhile, Stryker rose through the ranks of crime, but the two men remained friends.

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