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B , The Hanoi area outlined by the box in Fig. Arsenic concentrations of the Hanoi area were provided by the Vietnam Geological Survey. Contour lines of piezometric heads recorded in Dec. To get a better understanding of the presence of As in Pleistocene aquifers of Hanoi, we established a local prediction model based on three-dimensional geology see Fig. This circumstance suggests the strong impact of human activities, i. Our data indicate that large-scale groundwater abstraction from deep aquifers has actually impacted a much larger area of Pleistocene groundwater resources in the Red River Delta than has been previously known. Consequently, elevated As concentrations in the Pleistocene aquifers in Hanoi and in the vicinity of Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh, and Thai Binh seriously threat the quality of urban drinking water derived from these aquifers. Implications and Future Prospects. It has been discussed in literature that excessive groundwater withdrawal could induce downward migration of As-enriched groundwater or organic matter and eventually lead to the contamination of currently As-free Pleistocene aquifers, for example in the most severely As-affected Bengal Basin, and elsewhere 21 , 33 , 35 —

[SHOTS FIRED] KILLY confronts Lil Xan in Montreal, Lil Xan retreats into building : hiphopheads

But after months of delay accompanied by extravagant descriptions of this supposedly ground-breaking concept restaurant, the bar was set stratospherically high. Could anything live up to the hype? In , we got an exclusive preview of Ultraviolet, a sort of dress rehearsal for the final draft of the restaurant which has finally rolled out in May. And after this, admittedly invited, tasting, we can say definitively that yes, Ultraviolet is radical and it was very much worth the wait.

Ultraviolet is located in a secret location in an old Shanghai neighbourhood.

The Great Milenko is the fourth studio album by American hip hop group Insane Clown Posse, Several songs were recorded with the intention of releasing them on The Great Milenko. One such song, “House of Wonders”, The “Neden Game” takes the form of a Dating Game-esque show, albeit with added misogynistic banter for humor.

Increasing anthropogenic activities in the globe leads to environmental changes, which may affect the loading, transport and deposition of Hg in the environment. However, the deposition history and geochemical cycling of Hg in the TP is still uncertain. Our records of Hg and Hg isotopes in sediment profiles of the two largest lakes in the TP, Lake Qinghai and Nam Co, show increased Hg influx since last century, with the maximum Hg influx enrichment ratios of 5.

Due to remote location and low population density, the TP is minimally impacted by local anthropogenic activities. However, increasing global industrialization has accelerated the loading, transport and deposition of volatile pollutants e. Like persistent organic pollutants, mercury Hg is a globally distributed semi-volatile pollutant and exhibits similar patterns of cycling in the atmosphere 2 , with growing evidence that alpine regions act as intensive sinks of atmospheric Hg 2 , 3.

High atmospheric Hg deposition rates and elevated Hg levels in snow have been reported in the TP 4 , 5. China and India are two of the largest anthropogenic Hg emission countries to the TP and other sites of the world 6. Mercury deposited to the watershed and lakes is susceptible to methylation to the bioaccumulable neurotoxin, methylmercury MeHg 7. High levels of MeHg in various aquatic species in TP lakes have been shown, indicating high environmental risks of Hg in this region 7.

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Monday November 9 , Updated: No Chinese acknowledge the value of my music. They were arguably one of the most influential bands for the following wave of English-singing Beijing rock bands your Hedgehogs and so on , especially those featuring female members in the previously male-dominated scene. The bloody-raw songs on their debut album Yellow Bananas pricked enough ears around the world to earn them a US tour. But back home the cult success they achieved was tarnished by jealousy that smacked of sexism.

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Problems playing this file? Clark to produce the record. Clark made the album sound more rock -oriented, as opposed to the duo’s earlier material, which featured a more prominent hip-hop sound. He is the master of the art of using magic without magic. He is a Necromaster — the craft of using magic through the dead. Dead meaning both physically and mentally.

This spectacle shall be witnessed only by those who are meant to see it. Look deep inside of your soul and ask yourself Together you and he are the Great Milenko. Liner notes [21] According to the group’s mythology, The Great Milenko is a necromancer and illusionist who tries to trick individuals into greed and other such sins. He takes out the worst in an individual and creates powerful illusions in an attempt to cause them to become hedonistic and greedy. An honorable individual must fight his magic in order to make it to Shangri-La as revealed in the track “Pass Me By”.

The Dating Game by ICP, what album was this track from

Childhood friends Joseph Bruce and Joseph Ulster met in the suburbs of Detroit, where they would go on to form the gang, Inner City Posse, getting up to mischief and committing crimes which eventually led to Bruce’s arrest and imprisonment. The group had begun performing and writing music but Bruce initially was motivated towers a professional wrestling career, although he became disillusioned after only a couple of years.

Having reunited with Utsler and the rest of the gang, they became to pursue a musical career more seriously, performing at local club nights as the Inner City Posse. Struggling to make money with their performances and releases, the group decided to try and move away from their gangsta-rap style and move towards emulating the horrorcore style of artist Esham.

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A moment of wildness. A moment of loudness. How about we take 10 seconds for Cannibal and be as loud as we f can? The crowd erupted in a massive response — sad but celebratory, bittersweet, like remembering a passed friend often is. Not by trying to forget the loss happened, but by embracing it fully, and actively addressing it.

And nobody throws a wake like the Insane Clown Posse. Several memorials and vigils were held after his death, including one that brought some people to Rodney Square late last month. Now, as Wilmington Mayor Dennis P.

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Clark , who was initially skeptical of the idea of a white rapper, but was impressed by Kid Rock’s performance; Kid Rock had prepared his own beats and used his own turntables to demonstrate his skills for Clark. Clark, who was producing the duo. Clark, who worked with Kid Rock to help give the album more of a rock-oriented sound than his debut.

Eminem Questions including “Do the Boston Red Sox use an Eminem song” and “What albums have been released by Eminem”.

Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are part of a dating show where they try to seduce a woman in the most tasteless and awkward fashion possible – the fun part is that the host, the audience and probably the woman treats it like the most romantic thing ever. The premise is that Julien perfectly imitates all of Kollegah’s trademarks and his style including his different flows, double timing, multisyllabic rapping, homophones, The song contains many references to Kollegah songs, most notably the beat resembling that of “Rotlichtmassaker”, and the chorus being a mix of “Kuck auf die Goldkette” and “Big Boss”.

On April 1st, this song was uploaded on Kollegah’s official YouTube channel, which had the two hip hoppers rapping over a volksmusik inspired accordion beat, along two older Bavarian ladies wearing traditional costumes. The premise of the song is that salad is bad for your muscles and you should eat lots of meat and candy. It is about JuliensBlog rapping and happily singing about beating up his girlfriend because she hasn’t cleaned up, isn’t in the mood for sex and hasn’t cooked.

It’s so over the top and inappropriate you immediately know he’s playing with you. Julien is essentially a popular comedy YouTuber and blogger with lots of shock value humor, you either like that or not. It contains the same high quality lyricsim as always, but he doesn’t take his pimp persona seriously in the slightest. Starting with a skit in which Kollegah, giving autographs, is called by a friend that he is in the back of a club with four women who want big penisses, and so he calls Kollegah because he “immediately thought of him”.

For the rest of the song he tries to get through the club but can’t because so many women are flirting with him, while all the G’s step aside for him. He is not interested in the women, but allows them to buy him a drink.

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Talking Ben Hi there! I already dress like one — fashion is my middle name. I love hanging out with the guys, even if they do drive me up the wall from time to time! I always get pulled into one of their bizarre schemes, but it always ends up okay in the end!

An intrusive rock belt is exposed intermittently for > km on the northern margin of the Tarim plate in northwestern China. Its rock association is olivine gabbro-gabbro-gabbro diorite-diorite-quartz diorite-granite. The chemical compositions of these rock types show a marked trend of alkaline magma evolution. Their REE distribution patterns are of LREE-enriched type, while the.

These are the alternate spellings of the performer’s name we’ve had to correct in submissions to amIright. Insanse Clown Posse Republican Party Why did the Insane Clown Posse get annoyed? Because none of the kids wanted them at their parties. After pressure from rival gangs everyone dropped out and it was left to Violent J, Shaggy, and John.

They decided they were going to become real serious rappers, full time.

Insane Clown Posse: Fun Music Information Facts, Trivia, Lyrics

We are sure you will post how the haters have been sorted out by your lawyer, that we have been shut down. We have not been shut down and will continue to remain a blog on the internet for all to read. The fact is Tila, we just got bored. You did exactly what we thought you would do.

The tectonic settings,geological environments,geology geochemical features and the source of ore forming fluids for Sedex type deposits are reviewed in this Pb,Si,B isotope geochemistry for deposits of this type is especially studied in the light of some recent data,and taking the shale hosted Zn Pb deposits in Canadian Cordillera,the.

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Curated by MCA Chief Curator Rachel Kent in close collaboration with Goldblatt, the exhibition presents photographs spanning his six decade-career, as well as early vintage prints and never-before- exhibited material from a personal archive. In the episode Goldblatt is filmed in the Sandton area of Johannesburg where he points to race conflicts as a factor that helped shape the landscape of the city, remarking: As a non-profit arts organisation dedicated to promoting and encouraging innovation within the South African arts, the exhibition uses the Buitenkant Street gallery space as a platform in which the idea of collaboration and collectivity can be explored.

Goldblatt documentary at Durban International Film Festival Goldblatt, first ever feature-length documentary on the legendary South African photographer, is showing at the Durban International Film Festival on 16,18 and 22 July. The documentary marks the moment when we finally turn the lens on this shrewd witness to social change in South Africa and document his remarkable contribution to photography, both locally and on an international scale.

It is the second film in an ongoing documentary series on major SA artists that I conceptualised ten years ago, starting with a film on William Kentridge and Marlene Dumas in conversation in

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And now, the rest of the world is starting to discover it too. What is so special about this annual song competition? Do the preparation task first. Then read the article and do the exercises. Preparation Exercise Every year on a certain Saturday night in May, something quite unique happens in Europe. Millions of people turn on their TVs and prepare to watch their nation compete.

Eminem Questions including “Do the Boston Red Sox use an Eminem song”

Indeed, her moon shaped face surrounded by feathered hair and disproportionately large round eyes, really gave the effect of an owl. To top it off, despite never having traveled outside of China, she had the perfect valley girl accent. As English teachers at Renda Renmin University , we had the awesome responsibility of giving our students their first English name. I went with conventional names like Carol and Fred, while my colleague, the future Mr.

Girls, and guys, if y’all dating someone like Perry from BLL, get out, reach out, no one should go through that, and it’s a real representation of REAL SHIT AND ITS SCARY. Spongebob is the best cartoon show of the ’s. Hands down my all time favorite. replies retweets 4, likes. Reply. is this a new skrillex song pic.

Rocha Received Nov 30; Accepted Jan 9. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract The volumes of current patient data as well as their complexity make clinical decision making more challenging than ever for physicians and other care givers.

The design, implementation, and use of biomedical informatics systems in the form of computer-aided decision support have become essential and widely used over the last two decades. This paper provides a brief review of such systems, their application protocols and methodologies, and the future challenges and directions they suggest.

Introduction Over the past several decades the uses and applications of biomedical informatics for computer-aided medical diagnostics and decision support systems have become ubiquitous in clinical settings. Adaptations of decision support systems powered by biomedical informatics in either complex or simple forms were seen as early as the s.

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